HONESTY – a double edge sword

Even though being honest is said to be one of the most important features in one’s personality, I have always had trouble at work or in society by being truthful and starightforward. For my marriage though, it was a blessing.

We have managed to build a very strong relationship and to harmonize our life as a couple. For me this is really important because it gives me confidence, strength, peace of mind and joy. Being honest to the one living next to you is a miracle on Earth. It is a neverending source of happiness!

Why am I saying that?

Because when you’re honest you act naturally, the words and actions are flowing, it doesn’t give the other one the feeling of uncertainty. This translates into more openness and sincerity being shared with eachother.

Why lying?

There is no good reason to lie! We do it just because we often see it in other people and because of the “herd effect” we copy everything – good or bad – with no judgement at all. There could be other reasons for that, such as putting on a mask and throwing a lie just to protect from being exposed but this could lead to exhaustion.

It is far more difficult to explain yourself and your actions than to go with the flow and try to be accepted as such.

The controversy starts here because we shift back and forth between telling a lie or the truth, be accepted or fight every time with the herd, living a life as an independent, self-confident and happy person or a life of struggle and doubt.

There will always be an inner fight to cope with the life that has been shaped by the society. That’s why, a lot of people decided to abandon the, so called – normal life – and started on their own in the wilderness of, so called – free persons world.

In the end it’s all about the freedom – happiness relationship!

How do we do that?

For me it has always been about how much I care about other people’s opinions! What do they represent to me?

If they are connected to my personal life, than it’s about how much I trust these people to be honest to me. If they are connected to my social and working environment, than it’s about the level of influence they have on my current and future actions.

It’s always a give-and-take game. A neverending dance of tango. It lights up passions and hatreds at the same time. Lifts you up and brings you down. It is an emotional rollercoaster.

You must have heard this before…it not something new.

So what do we do in the end?

I can’t give you a straightforward answer as it has been a lifelong battle for me and I am still losing at it…. It’s only up to you to protect your core values.

You have to decide how much is too much for you! Don’t be afraid to take emotional decisions! They will always bring you joy! They might not be the best economically suited decisions but happiness cannot be quantified.

Honest or NOT honest?

I always take the risk and say YES, just because lying doesn’t make me feel happy?

Have a wonderful day!

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