Barack Obama

One thing struck me right of the bat,

He is insightful!

What does it mean to me? Well I have always been fascinated by this person, not only as a politician but also as a human being. I have always wondered how is he able to joggle with so many responsibilities and still have a decent life.

I have recently descovered that it is close to impossible to be a normal human being when you are the president. I saw him in a couple of interviews with David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld and I could see a glimpse of the human nature that shapes Barack Obama.

Amongst different questions, he had been asked if he would run again for presidency if the constitution would allow that. Immediately, I have seen the face of a teenager being in love. He said that Michelle would leave him if he did it and that he needed her to be around.

That was very touching….

But the thing that impressed me the most, all the times when I saw him in an interview, was that he always asked questions….

He asked David Letterman if he has ever felt lucky. The answer came immediately with a resounding YES. That was a common feature for the two. Somehow they both saw the hazard playing a favourable role in their lives.

For me, his question made me wonder about his true nature. A man torn apart between the duty that he had always been assingned with and the beauty of having a wonderful family, which sometimes, he felt he wasn’t worthy of.

This situation raises another question,

Do our dreams always fulfil our needs, or do we have to take a step back and just enjoy life…?

But, how can we do that when we have invested so much energy in building our dreams, in the pursuit of what we have called, happiness, and now, just STOP and enjoy?

For so many people this is a huge dilemma.

Anyway, Barack Obama will always be a person that tried to make a change…, but I could see in his face that his dreams didn’t quite meet with the reality!

To me, at least he tried… and I hope that his personality will be an incentive for all the people out there, not just politicians, to try to make a change….

I guess that there are so many other things to discuss, but I stop here now, and I would just ask you this,

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

Have a wonderful day!

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