Blogging and the happiness of getting a LIKE…

I started blogging because I have felt like I have something to say to the world….

About two weeks later, after starting my blog, I have realised that all these are nothing but a tool to ease the pressure inside. Actually is very beneficial for a lot of people. I started to change my anxiety into an inner force that really drives me and makes me feel good.

But there was a moment when I felt like my posts were not good enough…

The joy came when I received my first LIKE!!!

I am very grateful to my first follower, that is not part of my friends circle.

I felt validated… I felt really good… I started to feel the inner force again… Now, I am confident that I have taken the right decision to put myself forward and open up to the world.

I do what I do, firstly for myself… But I couldn’t do anything without you… Therefore I am grateful to have you as friends.

To all bloggers out there – you all live inside you own world, I know that…, but give yourselves a break from self criticism and try to be bold, because, unless you do something illegal, it’s not wrong what you’re doing…

I would like to say Thank You, again!

… And this is from the bottom of my heart!

Have a wonderful day!

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